This Love

“This Love” by Michelle Sarah is an R&B ballad that evokes feelings of a love so strong it’s unstoppable. The love story tells a tale of wanting your lover to be with you and recognizing that navigating life and creating memories binds, heals, and creates a feeling of “we can’t lose with this love.” The song itself is a labor of love and fine-tuning as Michelle worked with her band to re-harmonize the chords prior to the verses to give it the fresh delivery that they wanted when they took it into the studio. She worked with producer Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to achieve a drippy, intimate, and simple production style and saw the fruits of everybody’s labor pay off when the song was played back with the new nuances and the profound experience washed over her. The track is off of the full-length album ‘ Truth’ coming out on Color Red in summer 2022.

I Will Be Here

Michelle Sarah’s “I Will Be Here” pulls out all the stops with vocal stacks, memorable get-stuck-in-your-head melodies, rousing horns and a dancy, infectious, feel-good groove. The lyrics give an empowering message  as they speak to seizing what you want in life or in love, and knowing that you have the support to go do so. "This song speaks to the way I show up with my loved ones", Michelle explains. "I want to encourage adventure and a boldness to harness what they want in life. I Will Be Here is a reminder that no place is too far away, they could be anywhere in the world and I will be here, always, ready to hold, empower and support."

 Michelle enlisted Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to produce her upcoming debut solo record with sessions taking place at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO, Bud’s Recording Services in Austin, TX, and The Nest Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

No Crime

Michelle Sarah’s “No Crime” is a 60s Motown soul-inspired anthem with a potent message in the now. She cites, we are often conditioned to be ashamed of or shy about our feelings, this song is an invitation to feel, a statement that it's ok to feel or to cry, to be in your emotions if you need to be. Working with producer Steve Berlin, the song was beautifully augmented with pristine horn arrangements, nostalgic guitar lines, and lush backing vocals. As a testament to the human experience and taking in all of its ebbs and flows, the third single off her forthcoming album resonates with people from all walks of life and is a must-listen no matter where you are in your journey.  


My Everything

Michelle Sarah has dropped her second single with Color Red The breezy, feel-good track, "My Everything," debuted on Friday, November 27th. It enlists members of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, ManyColors, grammy award winning Grupo Fantasma, and more in her backing band. Michelle worked with producer Steve Berlin (of Los Lobos) to create an electrifying love song that is rich in horn arrangements and an in-the-pocket rhythm section. With lyrics that speak to a love that creates a reality better than any dream and explores the world in front of you through the eyes of a deep heart experience. Michelle shares about a budding love adventure that is both heartfelt and resilient. She wrote the tune during one of her first trips to New Orleans and the adventures and experiences that led to the city becoming one of her favorite in the country. There is a New Orleans inspired section in the song that is one of several highlights of the many different areas of musical influence seen throughout Michelle's writing for this album. “I write about a lot of things, this one is about a love when it feels safe, invincible, playful and inspiring...” she says of the track, “...when it feels like it is everything you’ve been looking or waiting for.”  


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